The unique smell that IS OUR TRADEMARK

If you go to Bavarian, in Germany, you will most certainly get back with a part of it in your heart. The landscape, the people, the fun, the food... Just irresistible!

Seduced by the delicious "Bavarian Nuts", John Mauter decided to bring them to the US. He dropped his job and founded The Nutty Bavarian, and shared his idea with a friend of his, David Brent, a former NASA engineer that also "went nuts"about it, and became the President of the Company, which he runs until now.


In 1996, Adriana Auriemo and Daniel Miglorancia brought the concept to Brazil, where they developed a Franchising Network focused in operating kiosks in Shopping Malls, Airports and Bus Stations and Subway. As time passed by, they update the original sales proposition and kiosks as well. The results were so good thet they were invited by David Brent to come to the US to install their kiosks in Shopping Centers there!

With more than 20 years  of experience and kiosks in operation in most of the nicest Brazilian Shopping Centers, and also with our supplier in Orlando-FL, our goal is to install and operate our kiosks in all USA Shopping Malls, Airports and other similar venues that we can get in.

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